2015 Chrysler 200 Tops Vehicle Safety List

chrysler 200 safetySafety is one of the most important factors that car shoppers use to help determine which vehicle is best for them. That’s why Chrysler is so proud to have so many vehicles with high safety ratings. The 2015 Chrysler 200 recently received the Top Safety Pick+ which was a huge honor for Chrysler.

Organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) help lessen the number of death, injuries, and damage to property that occurs by implementing and administering the standards vehicles are judged by.

The NHTSA conducts independent crash tests that include front impact and side impact testing for all vehicles and rollover testing for SUVs and pickup trucks. Recently they have also begun using various sized crash-test dummies, while featuring new technologies that support crash test avoidance.

NHTSA has been around since 1970 and is pretty well regarded by drivers, Mancari’s of Oak Lawn, and the U.S. automobile industry, alike.

They developed the 5-star Rating Program back in 1978 as a way to determine how much the safety of vehicles has improved.

As the name suggests, a new automobile can receive up to 5 stars. One star is the lowest any tested vehicle can receive.

The program is geared to helping consumers make better purchasing decisions by providing them with information needed to compare one vehicle with another.

NHTSA also wears several other hats – one of which is to monitor vehicle safety. Other tasks include, investigating manufacturer defects and implementing and overseeing fuel economy standards.

On behalf of the general public, the organization rounds up accidents stats each year, publishing comprehensive information about injuries, fatalities, speeding, and accidents involving alcohol.

Internally, NHTSA subsidizes programs involving new safety technology, teen driver programs, and child safety seats. It also issues university grants and offers funding to organizations that conduct ongoing safety research.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is another well-regarded independent safety organization whose role is to minimize losses resulting from death, injury, and property damage.

It was established in 1959 by three different insurance companies and champions information derived through scientific study of insurance data.

Similar to NHTSA, the IIHS is committed to helping consumers make informed decisions through vehicle safety testing.

The IIHS focuses on two facets of safety – crash worthiness and crash avoidance and mitigation. It then assigns grades depending on how well a tested vehicle performs.

A rating of good, acceptable, marginal or poor is given after these five tests are performed: moderate overlap front, small overlap front, roof strength, and head restraints.

Each year, the IIHS awards the Top Safety Pick to automobiles with the best performance.

Chosen vehicles qualify for the award by receiving “Good” marks in the seat head restraint tests and the moderate overlap front, side, roof strength tests.

The highest honor a vehicle can receive is the Top Safety Pick +, which requires a “Good” rating in 4 out of 5 tests.

These automobiles also need to receive an “Acceptable” rating in the fifth test.

The brand new 2015 Chrysler 200 has been redesigned to include safety features like electronic stability control, antilock brakes and eight airbags; optional features such as a rear view camera and rear cross-path detection were also added.

Because of Chrysler’s strategic emphasis on safety, the 200 earned the highest honors given to a vehicle from the IIHS – the 2014 Top Safety Pick +.

With a score of “Good” in the small overlap front crash test and a superior rating for front crash protection (when teamed up with the car maker’s forward collision warning system with auto-brake) it’s clear that the new 200 was definitely built with one thing in mind – it’s driver’s safety.

Of course, your safety has always been our number one priority here at Mancari’s in Oak Lawn, IL. We have a large inventory of new and used vehicles for out guests to browse through. Stop over today and learn more about the new 2015 Chrysler 200!

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Do Trends in Pickup Truck Sales Reflect Housing Market?

ram 1500If you’ve never bought a 1/2 ton vehicle, you probably wouldn’t suspect that the sales of pick up trucks here in America are heavily tied into the behavior of the U.S. housing market.

Many of the dealers here at Mancari’s of Oak Lawn know first hand that if you really want a forecast on the stability of the housing market, keep an eye on how well the pickup segment of the automobile market is doing.

When you begin to think about it, it makes perfect sense. People buy pickup trucks when construction needs to be done, because more homes are being built. Of course, to build a home you need to move lumber, concrete, beams and other heavy materials that most other vehicles lack the capacity to tow.

But, this has been the trend for years. When the economy took a huge nosedive in 2008, the housing market went from an over-inflated 7.33 million sales in June 2005 to about 4.9 million in July of 2008. This year, sales are said to be on track for 4.89 million.

The winter of 2013, saw pickup trucks sales fall slightly due to unusually harsh weather in the Eastern part of the U.S., while new home construction plummeted about 16 percent.

Since January of 2014, full-sized pick up sales have reached 1.1 million units here in the U.S. – an increase of 4 percent, while the auto market in general saw a 5 percent overall increase.

Dodge’s RAM truck experienced a whopping 19 percent increase this year – selling 239,481 units to date.

Once the housing market falls in line with the recovery seen in other industries, U.S. pickup truck sales will see growth as well.

Another reason pickups today are experiencing such a flurry in sales is the increase in fuel economy. The 2014 Ram 1500 Eco Diesel demonstrates class-leading EPA ratings.

Only a few months in, the new Ram 1500 was given a rating of 23 miles per gallon combined (20 mpg city, 28 mpg hwy) for the rear-wheel drive model, while its four-wheel drive counterpart gets 22 mpg combined (19 mpg city, 27 mpg hwy).

Even though this new Ram excels in fuel economy, make no mistake that it still offers some of the toughest performance in its segment.

Powered by a 240 hp turbo diesel V6, this light-weight pickup sports an eight-speed automatic transmission – powered by an impressive 420 lb ft of torque.

The Ram is capable of towing up to 9,200 pounds of construction materials or anything else you need to haul around.

With the 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel being the first light duty diesel pickup, Mancari’s of Oak Lawn thinks those are some pretty good numbers to beat. Stop over to our dealership for a great selection of new and pre-owned trucks!

Jeep EcoDiesel Engine: Powertrain of Tomorrow

jeep ecodieselCould the EcoDiesel engine possibly be the power train of future?

There seems to be a growing trend among automobile manufacturers offering drivers more fuel-efficient choices in vehicles and now more than ever, buyers are discovering the ever-growing capabilities of the diesel engine.

What makes a diesel engine so efficient?

The diesel engine modifies the combustion process to create greater fuel efficiency. It has a signicantly high compression ratio – offering it greater thermal efficiency. The diesel unit also produces more torque than a regular gas engine because of its high level of compression.

Generally, diesel engines are built with heavier, more durable parts, allowing them to last longer with greater durability. So, diesel engines are able to provide a combination of exceptional power, performance, and efficiency.

The demand for diesel engines has grown tremendously over the past few years and roughly 44 new clean diesel vehicles are now available in the US. By 2017, that number is predicted to jump to 58 models, according to biodiesel.org.

More than that, over the next decade, it’s projected that biodiesel vehicles will make up anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the auto market here in the U.S.

That said, Mancari’s believes Jeep is well on its way to creating the engines of the future. Using some of the most innovative technology, the all-new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee was constructed with the new 3.0 liter EcoDiesel V6 engine.

This clean diesel technology not only delivers low C02 emissions, it provides the best fuel economy in its class.

When the EcoDiesel V6 is mated to an eight speed automatic transmission, the result is as much as 30 hwy mpg and 730 miles per tank.

The brand’s eight speed transmission offers faster acceleration in addition to smoother shifting for added fuel economy.

The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee comes equipped with Eco Mode, a self-adjusting system that maintains the right transmission shift schedule, idle speed, interactive deceleration fuel shut-off, and Fuel Saver cylinder deactivation.

The smart system also activates and lowers the Jeep’s Quadra-Lift suspension system based on a variety of different driving styles.

We think we’re head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to fuel efficiency. The Jeep Grand Cherokee places third in best fuel mileage among other diesel-powered sports utility vehicles in its class.

But don’t take our word for it. Stop by Mancari’s of Oak Lawn and check out of impressive line of Jeep Grand Cherokees, today!

Dodge Challenger and Charger Get 100 Year Makeover

dodge challengerTo those of us here at Mancari’s of Oaklawn, the muscle car of old is defined as a hot rod, 2-door sports coupe equipped with no less than a V8 engine, rear wheel drive, and tons of horsepower.

Arguably, the very first high performance vehicle to push automotive social graces to the side, while sporting a large displacement engine in a small body, is the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88.

The Rocket donned the first ever high-compression, overhead valve V8, while turning out 135 horsepower and 263 pound feet of torque.

The rise of muscle car popularity in the 60′s ushered in the era of the high-performance V8, 426 Hemi engine, and competitive drag racing.

The appeal for the affordable American street car was high among youth, but as prices for this segment of the market rose, so did the cost of insurance and the level of vehicle emissions in the U.S.

Even before muscle cars made their eventual comeback in the 1980′s, Dodge had already established its reputation for superior quality auto parts and durability and in 1914, the American auto maker was ranked 2nd in sales. By 1920, it has become the 3rd best-selling auto brand in the U.S.

Dodge introduced the Silver Challenger. Powerful, stylish, and affordable, the Challenger was one of the first of many up-and-coming models in the pony car segment.

The Dodge Charger is an equally impressive vehicle that’s come a long way since it’s 1964 debut as the Polara-based roadster it was introduced as.

The first generation Challenger was a two-door, Red Ram V8-powered machine that came loaded with all of the extras like white wall tires, deep pile wall-to-wall carpeting, and Manchu fabric upholstery, all at no extra cost.

The brand’s Charger model car was initially built with a V8 engine and three-speed floor shifter.
However, in 1975, in response to the OPEC oil crisis, it was restyled and moved into the personal luxury segment of cars.

To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Dodge, both the Challenger and Charger vehicles have undergone some exciting design changes.

The 2015 anniversary edition Charger comes equipped with an optional Pentastar V6 or Hemi V8, 20-inch aluminum wheels with granite crystal pockets and “100″ center caps, and seat backs etched with the die-cast “Dodge, est. 1914″ badge.

The 100th Anniversary Challenger sports either a V6 or V8 engine, along with eye-catching 20 inch wheels, world-class Boston acoustics sounds, and a Granite crystal grille complete with the Challenger insignia badge.

Mancari’s of Oaklawn is celebrating a century of exceptional design, engineering, and the kind of performance you won’t find anywhere else in an American-made automobile.

Jeep 4×4 Off-Roading Basic Tips

jeep wrangerOff-roading is an exhilarating sport. There are an infinite number of places that offer Jeep lovers the thrill of driving over unpaved, unpredictable terrain like gravel, mud, dirt, rocks, and sand.

In fact, there are many types off-roading adventures enthusiasts of the sport engage in. Trail driving is probably the simplest and most basic form of off-roading.

If you’re interested in learning more about off-roading with your Jeep, Mancari’s recommends starting with a few basic tips to stay safe. Safety of our off-roading Jeep drivers is a top priority.

Preparation and a well-equipped ATV like a Jeep 4X4 can go a long way, especially when exploring new and unchartered territory as an off-roader.

Understanding the little ins and outs of your vehicle can be beneficial during those crucial moments on the off-road trails when you need to know your vehicle’s angles, traction, and momentum.

Also, it’s a good idea to do a basic spot check of your SUV by making sure you have enough oil and fluids, checking that your hoses are up to par, and ensuing that your battery is securely fastened.

Other things you can do before braving the unbeaten path is to locate the air intake and engine computer so you know how much water your vehicle is able to cross and pack emergency supplies. Traveling with a least one other person is highly recommended in the vent that something goes wrong.

There are many exhilarating aspects to an off-road expedition and many ways to bond with your ATV and the mountains and valleys you encounter.

Once you master the basics, some other popular ways to tame the terrain include dune bashing, which involves navigating your all-terrain vehicle over sand dunes, and mud racing, which calls for driving through a muddy pit, while avoiding large rocks or tree trunks.

Much like a vehicle obstacle course, Cross-country roading gives enthusiasts the chance to explore uncharted terrain over several days, while a Raid steers you through deserts and tracks in inhabited land.

Other activities like Rock Crawling, Rock Racing, and Green Laning are also very popular forms of recreational off-roading that require an experienced driver and the kind of vehicle that’s built to handle whatever obstacles you encounter – like Mancari’s Jeeps.

Chrysler Speeds Up Jeep Recall Process

jeep grand cherokeeThe 2013 effort to recall nearly 1.56 million Jeeps is still underway, as Chrysler moves to hasten the process of retrieving and repairing each of the affected Grand Cherokee and Jeep Liberty SUVs.

Last June, a request was issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the American automaker to recall almost 3 million of its Jeep SUVs.

The NHTSA conducted a three-year long investigation finding that the gas tank placed between the rear axle and bumper was susceptible to fires in a rear end collision.
Chrysler has since responded to the recall request by saying that its vehicles meet federal requirements and are considered safe.

The two entities came to an agreement last year to conduct a “voluntary campaign” which involved the inspection of 1.56 million Grand Cherokee and Jeep Liberty vehicles.

Chrysler would inspect the recalled SUVs and decide “if necessary, to provide an upgrade to the rear structure of the vehicle.”

This translated into the automaker replacing aftermarket trailer hitches – factory installed hitches and aftermarket Mopar hitches were the exceptions.

Now one year later, the automaker is still waiting for the first supply of trailer hitches needed for the repairs.

The NHTSA issued a special order inquiring about the current timeframe for the repairs to which Chrysler replied that the necessary parts should be available by next March.

The car maker also noted that it would also take time to install the hitches, which could push the replacement process back even further.

Knowing that time is of the essence, the automaker reported to U.S. safety regulators that it could begin adding trailer hitches to the recalled SUVs as early as March of 2014 – a good deal earlier than the 2018 date originally quoted. It also announced that it could expedite the production of the trailer hitches by paying for more robots to make the parts.

With fewer 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty and 1993-1998 Grand Cherokee vehicles on the road, the American automaker says there are less vehicles that need hitches than had been recalled. The cost of repairs is estimated to be about $151 million.

Since the agreement was made, crash tests have been done by NHTSA to ensure that the hitches would make the vehicles safer at lower speeds.

The automaker responded to the results by saying that the test data “reflects Chrysler Group’s longstanding position – supported in the public record by real-world data – that the vehicles are not defective. They are among the safest in their peer groups and met or exceeded the standards in effect at the time they were first sold.”

Here at Mancari’s in Oak Lawn we are committed to your safety and understand how important it is to have a reliable vehicle. If your vehicle has been recalled, give us a call to find out more about what you can do and how to make sure your vehicle is safe.

All New Chrysler 200: Born and Bred in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Mancari Chrysler 200Erected in 1953, the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant was never really designed to build cars. The original purpose of the facility, now sitting north of Detroit, was to manufacture jet engines and missiles for the United States Army. In fact, it was once named the Michigan Ordinance Missile Plant and subsequently owned and occupied by Volkswagen until 1983.

Chrysler took over the rocket-making plant after it was converted into an automobile manufacturing hub and immediately started churning out the Chrysler LeBaron GTS and the Dodge Lancer a year later.

Chrysler began to zero in on the mid-size automobile market in the 1980′s. In less than 10 years, the American car maker had built over a million vehicles.

But that very same year, the then-56-year-old automobile plant was scheduled to be closed down due to a bankruptcy plan of action.

After a successful purchase agreement with the Italian automotive giant Fiat, the northern Detroit production facility survived preserving thousands of jobs and working to bring forth the new line of Chrysler 200s in 2010.

Chrysler received a major brand makeover when the company invested $850 million dollars to overhaul the plant’s assembly line and create a new paint and body shop. The company’s new digs were recently unveiled at this year’s Chrysler 200 event.

According to Fiat Chrysler Automaker CEO Sergio Marchionne, the auto maker’s choice to invest in a facility that was once slated to be on the chopping block, is simply a reflection of the kind of dedication Chrysler’s workers continue to show on a daily basis.

In many ways, the production of the 2015 Chrysler 200 is a shout out to the grit and determination embodied by the American spirit. It’s a nod to dealerships worldwide like the one here at Mancari, as well as a banner of appreciation for the loyalty of each and everyone of the brand’s customers.

It’s this same concept that birthed the ideal of a “born maker.”

Being a born maker is about digging deeper and working harder. It’s about creativity and ingenuity. A “maker” gives no excuses and makes no apologies.

Chrysler, along with the all-new 200, was constructed right here on American soil. In 2013, the mid-size sedan was named one of the most American Made Cars by the Kogood American Auto Index.

Olivier Francios, Chrysler’s chief marketing officer describes the merger of the characteristics of a born maker with the story of the Chrysler 200 as “… an homage to American innovation, serving as a reminder that you don’t have to cross an ocean for a car you’re proud to have in your driveway.”

More than six decades later, The Sterling Heights Assembly Plant has become as important to the fabric of America as apple pie. At least, that’s how we see it at Mancari’s in Oak Lawn.

Chrysler Group Brands Experience Record-Breaking Growth in June

jeep compassFor 51 months straight, Chrysler Group has posted year-over-year sales gains with six of its brands either experiencing growth or record-breaking sales.

June turned out to be a good month for Chrysler. Last month was the group’s best June sales month since 2007 and here in the U.S., Chrysler sold 171,086 units – a 9 percent increase from last June’s sales of 156,686 units.

Six Chrysler vehicles, including Compass, Patriot, and Wrangler, had a record sales month in June, while Jeep, Dodge, Ram Truck, and Fiat were highlighted because of their exponential growth this year.

Jeep led the way, reporting its best sales in June to-date, and with a 28 percent increase, it had the greatest gain in June sales out of all of the Chrysler brands.

There has been been a dynamic trend in popularity in the Compact SUV segment. We’ve noticed here at Mancari that a few of the Jeep models like the Compass, Patriot, and Wrangler have been doing pretty well in overall sales.

So well in fact, that last month, all three models had their best month ever in June – posting record sales monthly since January.

Mancari is also excited to announce that Edmunds.com recently awarded the Jeep Wrangler with its Best Retained Value Awards.

Ram Trucks wasn’t far behind, posting a 14 percent increase last month. Two vehicles that rose to the top were the Ram pickup, which was named Motor Trend’s “Truck of the Year” as well as the Ram ProMaster Van, which took home Edmunds.com’s Best Retained Value Award for a Compact SUV in June.

The list of accolades keep rolling in as the Dodge Challenger was pronounced the winner of Edmunds.com’s Best Retained Value Award for a mid-size / large coupe.

Chrysler’s Town and Country was ranked highest in initial quality among minivans three out of four years in the J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Initial Quality Study in June.

Sales for the Town & Country were up 24 percent last month, reflecting consecutive growth for the past 11 months.

As a whole, Chrysler almost doubled its sales at 9 percent – a significant jump from the 5.9 percent increase it projected.

Finally, the Fiat brand saw a whopping 113 percent sales increase since June 2013, while the Fiat 500 Cabrio Abarth blew everyone else out of the water with a mind-altering 130 percent year-over-year increase.

What’s behind the sudden upward fluctuation in sales for the American automaker?

According to the Business Insider the auto industry is seeing a substantial increase in buyer confidence, as vehicle sales reached 16.98 million units in June, which was reported by Wards Auto. “The report signals that consumers are willing to make big-ticket purchases…,” said Barclay’s Dean Maki.

On a wider scale, the light vehicle sales market is a “…bright spot in the tremulous global environment,” said Jeff Schuster, senior vice president of forecasting for LMC Automotive

The seventh largest automaker in the world has a five year plan to grow the company to 7 million sales worldwide by 2018.

A bold plan. But then, again at Mancari, we realize anything’s possible. Stop over to Mancari’s Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for a great selection of new and pre-owned vehicles.

Chrysler Aims to Save Drivers 700 Million Gallons of Fuel

chryslerTorqueFlite. Chrysler’s newest weapon in its armory. This time, the automaker aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a major way, while saving its drivers somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 million gallons of fuel over the life of more than one million of its vehicles. Worldwide. Here at Mancari’s, we’re extremely excited for this major goal set by Chrysler.

TorqueFlite is a ZF-designed, Chrysler-built eight speed transmission born from advanced technology automatics that provide more torque capacity than any other eight-speed produced by the automaker in the past.

What may be surprising to most Chrysler enthusiasts is that the name TorqueFlite has been around since the late 1950′s when it first debuted as a three-speed automatic transmission.

It’s predecessor, the two-speed PowerFlite transmission, accompanied the brand’s passenger vehicles two years before TorqueFlite came on the scene.

Chrysler wanted to produce an automatic transmission that was durable and easy to operate – and one that needed fewer parts. After the introduction of the TorqueFlite unit, the automaker still offered PowerFlite, but then discontinued it.

With the implementation of alphanumeric designations in the 1990s, The TorqueFlite name became obsolete; although the original design remained in tact for Chrysler’s transmissions until about 2007. It was when the automaker collaborated with the ZF brand, that the TorqueFlite name had resurfaced.

Today, eight-speed automatic transmissions are fuel-saving power monsters that provide a greater performance first gear and a high economy top gear, faster shifts, 98 percent all-gear efficiency, and a fast-locking torque converter.

The ZF unit is also useful for its low inertia when shifting or starting, along with the barely noticeable “slip” one feels with immediate engagement of the torque converter’s twin torsional damper system.

Other benefits of the ZF include: low viscosity transmission fluid that never needs replacing, a hydrodynamically cooled clutch, and Chryler’s chain-driven axial parellel vane cell pump.

What’s unique to the TorqueFlite’s software is that it’s able to adapt the unit’s shift patterns to variable driving characteristics and changeable road conditions. It also optimizes efficiency based on temperature, stability control, and logitudinal and lateral acceleration.

According to Chryler, the new and improved transmission is “fill-for-life”  – meaning that under normal driving circumstances, you’ll never have to change the oil.

In some vehicles, like the Dodge Ram 1500, an internal thermal management system reduces parasitic losses by raising the temperature of both the engine and transmission fluid.

Chrysler has turned a transmission technology that was once only offered by luxury car makers, into a main-stream brand driver’s dream. Presently, 19 Chrysler Group model automobiles come equipped with the new eight-speed transmission.

Mancari Chrysler agrees that the momentum is only likely to continue with the expansion of this advanced automobile technology throughout the FCA family of vehicles.

Saleen Dodge Challenger Takes High Performance to New Level

saleen challengerThe Dodge Challenger is definitely intent on putting the muscle back into today’s automobile. We here at Mancari’s in Oak Lawn feel this new and improved Challenger is the perfect car for anyone who is looking for classic performance and muscle.

Adding even more high-powered performance, Dodge teamed up with Saleen Automotive, a high profile, American car manufacturer with a well-known reputation for building limited edition vehicles that operate at their peak – including customized cars and parts.

Saleen is well-versed in the mechanics of the modern day race car.  As a former Formula Atlantic race car driver in the early 80’s, founder Steve Saleen’s love for high performance vehicles inspired him to build his first three hatchbacks in 1984 – signifying the beginning of a new breed of automobile.

By 1995, Saleen Automotive had begun using a 7.0 liter V8 engine in its track-cars.  And as vehicle popularity grew, the company came up with its own EPA-certified engine – the 351W.

Today, Saleen is the only remaining American small car manufacturer with OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, status.

Saleen has produced customized versions of popular vehicles for car companies like Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and Toyota. Saleen’s work can be seen in the production of vehicles like the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger.

Soon after, it created its own custom-made line of automobiles. The design of the 2000 Saleen S7 was completely unique to its brand, in everything, from its chassis to its paint color.

It also forged partnerships with entities like Hidden Creek Industries and the world’s largest chemical company, BASF.  Saleen even embraced Hollywood, joining forces with well-known comedian Tim Allen, and making vehicle appearances on the big screen in box office hits like 2 Fast 2 Furious, Iron Man, Entourage, and Transformers.

Intense levels of performance, world class quality, and unique design elements, have made Saleen’s custom built vehicles, arguably, the best performing vehicles in the world.

And if that weren’t enough, all of its parts and accessories are built to optimize your experience – each aerodynamic package is equipped for durability, UV stability, and impact resistance.

Saleen wanted to embrace the culture of racing, while standing by its commitment to innovation, performance, handing, and design – giving car enthusiasts something they could appreciate.

Mancari knows you crave performance. Stop by today and get the Challenger you’ve been looking for, at a price that fits your wallet. We are proud to currently offer two 2014 Saleen Dodge Challengers. One is manual and the other is automatic. Visit Mancari’s Saleen Challengers page to learn more about them.